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Sound Quality

This guitar has a nice full sound unplugged and when it is plugged in it has a rich natural sound, not a tinny electric sound. This thing is a knockout to look at and to listen to. Friends have asked me what brand it was because the headstock is not familiar to them. Everyone thinks its a new branch by Gibson.


It has a one year warranty on it, but this thing is made with top notch materials. This thing isn't gonna let ya down.

General Comments

I have been playing for a year now, but time doesn't speak for skills in my case....I have been asked to tour the south and on several other occasions I have been asked to play a gig for random people. This is something I trust with all my heart and soul. The sound, the looks, and everything else about it make it the perfect acoustic electric under $500.00. I can't pick one feature over another on this thing because everything is so great. I have no complaints. Many people have never heard of Samick but they have heard of Fender, Gibson, Martin, etc...the thing is...Samick has been building guitars for all those companies for years!!! Samick has built the most guitars when it comes down to it, so when someone buys the OM8CE and a friend buys a Fender they are getting the same quality!! Actually in my opinion, the person with the samick is getting the better deal, period. Greg Bennett has designed guitars for Gibson and Martin and now he is designing for Samick. He is truly a genious and I owe him so much for making such a great guitar. Don't discriminate against a company you've never heard of before....go out and try this guitar!!!

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