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Sound Quality

I use it tuned open D only. has a good warm sound not cappable of a lot of trble like from a Fender but I didn't want that so it a good thing for me. I use it with a 1980 Gallien RL250 GUITAR head and 2 Eminance 10" speakers. Has lots of variable ability if you know how to massage it. Bought it for the look more than anything but keeping it cause it pulls it's weight.


Holds up good so far. i don't baby my guitars but I don't abuse them either. It is holding up fine thru normal wear and tear. I gig most every week. I replaced the strap buttons with locks but I do that always. Has kaked out so far and I've been using it close to 4 months now. Don't expect it will. Would I use it at a gig without a back-up. Well I do essentially every gig as I only have one guitar set-up in each of my applications and they are ALL the only guitar for that application. This one is set-up Open D and attenuated accordingly. But I never gig with just one guitar unless it's a family gathering or an open jam. That's just not a good idea.


General Comments

25 years playing (yikes!)

If it were lost or stolan I would absolutly by another, and the only other guitar I say that about is my Gibson SG.

Like the look baby it's all about the look. it's a live performance guitar.

Don't like the location of the volumes and tones BUT love that they are there to use.

I ordered it with a black pick guard and a bigsby and that was a solid choice.

Reviewer's Background

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