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Sound Quality

I use this unit with Fender strats w/humbuckers or Fasttrack 2's in the bridge position. My signal chain goes: Strat>Dunlop 535 wah>Fulltone Fulldrive II>MXR Phase 90>Marshall JMP1 pre amp (with Digitech IPS33b in the fx loop)> Intellifex> Marshall 9200 power amp > Marshall 4X12 cabs (stereo) With the Hush, the unit is completely silent, even at high gain settings on the preamp. But even without the Hush, the overall sound is not too noisy, any of which is from the JMP. As I said before, the sound is extremely clear and detailed. In addition to the hush, I feel that the strong points are the quality of the reverb and delays, and probably the chorus. The Flange and pitch settings are okay. I'm not really concerned with getting another artists sound(s), I'm still working on my own. This unit, while not having the flexibility of the TSR, does help me create. When I put this in my rack, I took out a BBE sonic maximizer, a Rocktron Patchmate, a Digitech TSR24, AND a Rane SM82 linemixer! I couldn't believe it!!! What I gave up in flexibilty I more than gained back in better tone, better and higher gain, and a MUCH more simplified rack setup.


So far so good. I've owned several Rocktron units (two PRO G.A.P.'s, two Hush IIcx's, midimate footcontroller, Patchmate, and now the Intellifex) and have found them, by and large, to be very reliable. Only once on one of my HushIIcx's did the power supply jack on the back become intermittent. But the Intellifex seems okay.

General Comments

I mostly play original hard/spacerock music ( similar to Tool, Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, Led Zep, Hendrix, Soundgarden, etc...) with my band Left of Heaven http://www.leftofheaven.com I've been playing for about 17 years, and have used lots of stuff (more than I should have ever bought). If it were stolen I would track down the same model/version. Of all the stuff I have laying around, this is the effects processer of choice. If I could change anything, I would give it longer delay times (goes up to 1500ms mono, 750ms stereo) and user definable algorithms, but even without these features I have created some really great patches. It definitely helps me to create music. And now I can lift my rack alone!


*** if anyone has any patches that they'd like to share/trade, let me know *** dbeccia@tiac.net

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