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behringer T1951 Tube Ultra-Q

Sound Quality

I have the unit after my mixing board and compressor in my home recording studio setup. I hear very little added noise from this unit. I replaced a BBE 462 sonic maximizer and a Rane ME15 stereo 15 band EQ with this unit. My mixes sound crisper, yet fuller, and more transparent overall. I think the most I've used on any filter, as either boost or cut, is about 5dB. If you need to really wack out the settings to get things to sound right, you may want to go back and see if your tracks could be recorded a bit better... or you want an extreme kind of sound. This unit can do some fairly radical EQing, but it's beauty is it's ability to do a subtle, musical, program enhancing type of EQ. It adds a bit of air to the sound, and at the same time thickens the tone.


I've had this unit about a month, and no problems so far. I have some other Behringer gear (oldest piece is about a year or so old), and haven't had any problems. Same goes for a few of my friends and their Behringer gear. No complaints here.

General Comments

As said, I use this EQ in my home recording setup. I primarily record my own music, usually demos, but sometimes CD's for sale as well. I have been "seriously" doing home recording for about two years, and have been playing guitar and singing for about 18+ years. My only wish is that I bought this unit a while ago.


I play/write music that is usually a cross between Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, maybe some Hendrix, Sabbath, and Tool thrown in as well. Sometimes I do some acoustic guitar stuff, with harmony vocals, etc... This unit makes my mixes sound more professional and tight. If it were stolen, I would definitely get another one. But at $150 new??! -my local Guitar Center was discontinuing them, and I jumped on the last one. I'm glad I did, too. Is it perfect? No. But for the money, or anything close to the money, nothing (at least I've heard) can touch this unit. Ultimately tweakable. Yeah, I love this unit! (c:

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