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Marshall JCM 800 2210 100W Head

Sound Quality

I use primarily Fender strats, with either mid powered humbuckers or fasttrack 2's in the bridge position. This amp is so crunchy. It is the classic harder rock Marshall sound. It isn't quite as "dark" as the JCM 900's, but has a very juicy overdrive, with rich overtones across the whole tonal spectrum. It is one of the loudest heads I've ever had the pleasure of playing, and the tone gets continually richer as the amp gets louder, since the power tubes add to the harmonic content. One important note, is that this head is MUCH LOUDER than a 100 watt JCM 900. This amp on about 4 is like the 900 on about 7-8. If you plan on using one keep this in mind, especially if you'll be in smaller clubs/venues. The sustain and touch sensitivity on this amp is outstanding. The clean channel is adequate, and sounds MUCH better with single coils. After the gain reaches about 5-6 on the clean channel, it starts to break up and no longer pure/clean. At this point, hendrixy "little wing" breakup occurs, nicely. The tone controls are responsive, and offer the player a fair range of Marshall color.


I bought it used, about a year ago, and it's been a solid amp. I always bring a backup head, anyway.

General Comments

I've been playing for over 16 years. I used to think that this type of distortion/gain was only attainable from an excellent distortion box, but the JCM 800 blows any box away, unless you want hardcore Buzz, like an electric razor. ( tone???, we don't need no stinking tone....) -get a metal zone. I use this amp with a JMP1 preamp, and my settings on the Preamp sound almost identical to this amp, but offers 100 memory banks, plus a better fx loop, and better "super cleans". If it were stolen, I would kill the thief and everything/everyone they love. I would get it back. I own and have tried many other heads. Marshall, boogie, preamps, fender, etc... and this head kills for solid, ballsey rock/metal crunch. It isn't extremely versatile, but will get you a decent variety of tones with a little experimentation. Want Jazz? Get a boogie. Want Buzz/death metal? Get a Randall. Want super clean blues? Roland or Fender is your amp. If you want super fat, harmonically rich, crunchy, incindiary, hot glowing, tube melting, louder than hell, Rock/Metal workhorse. GET A MARSHALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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