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Sound Quality

I'm using this unit in the loop of a Marshall JMP1 Preamp, through a BBE 462 and a Rocktron Intellifex (for delays, reverbs, Hush and some detuning) into a Marshall 9200 Power amp and Marshall cabs. I play modified Fender strats, with bridge humbuckers and Floyd Rose Trems. This unit can get very noisey, but setting the gate just right takes care of *most* of that. I don't use the internal distortion, which sounds aweful to me. The harmonies, synth & string type sounds, and delays (up to 6 seconds on some algorithms) are all very good sounding. Not lexicon or Eventide, but still very good. The unit has reverb which sounds okay for live use, but I prefer the Intellifex (Black face, Ver.1) for it's reverbs. It has tremolo, which I find a little weak. I use this processor to get spacey, ambient sounds, which I have not heard out of any processor before (and I've heard and used **alot**) Use of continuous controller(s) makes this unit far more interesting, and personal. One really cool thing that Digitech has done with this unit (like the IPS33b) is allow a regular foot (volume pedal) to control *some* parameters, Instead of just midi Continuous controllers. With midi, you can control any parameter. With the non midi CC you can control most of the important/fun ones, but not all, like you can in the IPS3b. Overall most time/pitch based effects are smooth sounding, and not grainy. One last thing. When you switch presets (manually or with midi) the units volume jumps a bit while the new preset loads. It is very quick, but definitely noticable. I hate that. If there is a way to avoid that, I will repost the method later, but I have not figured how, as of yet. If the unit did not allow me to create such cool sounds, I would probably yank it out of my rack, but it does make some juicy tones, so I'm learning to live with that one (IMO Major) annoying aspect. without that, I would give the unit an 8, maybe 8.5, but a 7 because of it.


The unit seems very reliable. It is about 7 years old now, and doesn't show any sign of dying (knock on wood). I've only had it about 2 months, so it's hard for me to really give an accurate response, other than it's age and condition. Using this method, I give it high marks, but it is of limited experience/use

General Comments

I play mostly hard rock with some psychedelic overtones with my band Left of Heaven. ( http://www.leftofheaven.com ) On my own, I am a little more musically experimental, and love creating really spacey, floating, ambient "soundscapes". I use it in both situations, and the unit holds up well with my musical split personality.


I've been playing almost 20 years, and have used TONS of different effects processors, pedals, amps, guitars, etc... My basement is filled with alot of them, in addition to building a healthy PA setup and basic/smaller home studio setup with the processors that have been in my rack at one time or another. So I know gear pretty well.


This unit does some very unique and cool sound bending. It can be used as a basic all-in-one FX processor, but seems to find it's niche' as a "more" processor. I use the Intellifex for alot of the basics, and crank this puppy up when I want to write the soundtrack to the end of the world (c;


If it were stolen, I would try to locate another, but these seem fairly difficult to locate... but with Ebay, anything/everything shows up eventually. I searched a long time to find a processor that had what this unit has. Personality. In other words, it lets me sound like me, and get some of the sounds I hear in my head out through a bunch of 4X12's. This is one unit you could give 10 different musicians, and the results would vary greatly, whereas some other effects and/or units are less "deep", for lack of a better term. This piece, and some of digitechs other more complicated units have been grossly overlooked, due to their apparent initial complexity and learning curve. Guitarists in particular are an instant gratification type of crowd. Anything this complex would/did get passed by, by most. Too bad. Overall this unit is capable of some very intense (as well as subtle) effects and colors. Definitely worth checking out if your looking for something beyond the typical FX box, and you are patient (c:

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