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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

******RESPONSE TO RECENT REVIEWS, MY HUMBLE APPEAL****** This Is in response to those of you have been mislead into thinking that this is a solid state preamp. This pre amp is far and away an ALL TUBE preamp, as some of you have also figured out. My tech has done work for the band Boston, worked with Roger Fisher of Heart, as well as several other Name acts/artists. He and I went through this unit the first day I got it, and it is without a question a TUBE preamp. As far as your opinions, it all depends on what gear you play it with/through, and also on your ears as well. i have several old and new marshall heads (JCM 900, JCM 800, JMP 50 watt,.... the 9005 EL34 powered power amp, and 2 JMP1's, 6 cabs, some vintage, some newer, etc...) and this preamp, when setup with a tube power amp, preferably Marshall with EL34's lacks about as much punch as a Mack truck going through your head at 100 MPH. Is it the highest gain preamp out there? No. But it has a ton of gain, great clean tones, and an authentic guitar amp sound because it is a guitar amp, not a cheesey simulator. Sound is subjective, but please don't try to tell me that your Rocktron Pirahna sounds better. I've tried it (I've tried them all) and the Pirahna is utterly and completely brittle, and lacks true amp sound, IMHO.


I have 2, neither have ever had a problem.

General Comments

Try for yourself and decide. But My Mesa Boogie has given me no problems AS A PAPER WEIGHT ever since I got these JMP 1 pre amps.

Again, no offense intended by this, just my own humble opinion. But the TUBES are a fact!!!!!!!!!

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