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Sound Quality

This unit is only acontroller, so it has no sound of it's own. But I can say that it has allowed me to get new and more sophisticated sounds out of my rack, that were impractical, or impossible to achieve without it.


Solid feel. No problems. The buttons have a very solid feel to them... you know exactly when the effects will switch.

General Comments

This unit, as I said before, allows me to use my effects in new and more creative ways. once you get used to fading in a delay or reverb patch (instead of just all or nothing), you'll love it. If your music calls for any degree of control over your effects, you'll want to consider this (or a unit like this) unit. In one patch your continuous controller pedal controls tremelo speed, in another it controls a harmony volume or amount (or both simultaneously). No more need for that clumsy whammy pedal. The amount of options is only limited by your effects processor, not this unit.

I also like the fact that you have ten, not five, pedals at your feet. this avoids extra bank changes. I can have a clean, heavy rhythm, and lead patch from my preamp, and seven effects patches, without scrolling! that's the equivalent of 21 patches with some other controllers...

The unit, as I said, has a solid feel. It feels very "definite" when you change patches/banks. (128 patches, in banks of 10).

The only two things that I don't like I already said previously.

I've owned a few other units similar to this one, but this is the one that works the best for me. For extensive racks, you may want to combine this unit with a remote loop rack mount unit.

That's it.

Oh, by the way, don't let the trendy "racks suck" mentality color your judgement. If you really want a rack, get one. Just use effects tastefully, and ignore/pitty the ignorant!!!


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