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Sound Quality

I am using this unit in the effects loop of a Marshall JMP1, which allows you to vary the wet/dry mix of the effects within the loop. Therefore I run the unit itself full wet. I have also used it in a line mixer configuration, and for mixing demos of myself. It sounds better to mix this unit full wet with a pure dry sound if possible than to use the wet/dry mix within the unit. Using a little reverb from an outside source will smooth out the sound further, and will make the unit sound even more realistic. This unit is as noisy as the components around it. It adds a minimal amount of coloration, depending on how you use it. This coloration is again very minimal, but audible through "studio ears". The harmonies sound convincing, and are intelligent (chromatically correct). The delays and flanging are average sounding. Not amazing or poor. The choruses, detuning, whammy pedal, and synthesized string sounds are terrific. The detuning is extremely HUGE. The factory presets are useful right out of the box, unlike many units. If you buy this unit, do not stop at the presets. There are many new, usable and strange sounds within this unit. It is possible to get many artists harmony styles, or as close as anyone can come to impersonating any other person, including Steve Vai, the Allman Bros., Brian May, Trevor Rabin, etc... But it's better to spend your times finding your own sounds.


I've had this unit for about 5 years and have yet to experience any problem with it. I have used many digitech units, and haven't neede help with any of them.

General Comments

I play blues, rock, metal, new age, fusion, and psychadelic music. This unit can be and is used in all of these different styles. I would buy it again, especially now when they are selling in the $200-$300 range. I like the harmonies, but really love the detune, whammy effects, string effects, and my own ambient noise patches (you can't tell it's a guitar anymore!!!!!) The Evevtide is probably a notch or two higher in performance options, so if you have $3,000+ go buy one. I know i've said it about 5 times, but you really need to get into this things potential before you realize the surrealistic sounds you can achieve. This will take awhile to do, but it's worth it. In an age when players are confused by pedals with 4 knobs on them, it is no wonder why this unit was overlooked by so many. If you are a bit of a tech head and/or know your theory, check this puppy out. Use of continous controllers make this unit 10 times more lethal.

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