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Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Effects Pedal Original Reissue

Sound Quality

As with most overdrive boxes, it can get a little noisy...especially at high gain settings, with the tone control set at its most bright setting. Most users probably won't turn the tone past "2 o'clock", even with humbuckers...it gets very bright(not harsh).


I had to replace my first one after about a year and a half, due to intermittent footswitch. My second one has been great so far(for about a year).

General Comments

I would buy this unit again. I use it to boost gain/volume for leads with an already overdriven amp setting, with the volume 3/4's up and the gain about 1/3 up. The nice thing about using this pedal in this way is that the tone is not altered very much, compared to an EQ or compressor, which tends to darken/muddy the tone.

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