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Sound Quality

I use a 1969 Stock Fender Stratocaster and an original Marshall JTM45 and the sonic possibilitys with the my setup and this pedal are amazing. Anything from subtle tremolo, twangy morphed spaceed out sounds, chorus and even a tiny bit of delay can be had if you know how to set it. I has a bit to much volume boost when it's turned on though.


when i got if off a friend the switch woulden't stay on but this was fixed by some spray contact cleaner and it has never failed me since. And i have been using it for about 2 stage hours and 5 practice hours a week for 2 years. this pedal only needs a backup if someone dropps sumthin' really heavy on it. You cant kill it.

General Comments

I play Jazz, Funk, Blues and a bit of 80's rock. This effect adds some nice depth to your sound and realy brings out your picking technique on some settings. I wish it had a volume control to adjust that boost when it's turned on.


Mine is a Green Label Made-In-Japan model about 18 years old by the serial number. Inside it has two JRC4558D's. I don't know how the chips affect the sound in this pedal but they're REALY sought after in the old Tube Screamers.


I'm always looking for more hints on cool settings for this so please email me if you have some tips!

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