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Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Blackjack 7-String Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

it suits my music style almost perfectly. the only thing i dont like is when i play classical music the extra string gets in the way of my fingerpicking. but i have my other 6 strings for that anyway\ the amps i use for it are as follows; peavy full stack with peavy head, crate 2x12 combo amp, rp300 effects pedal, GNX3 effects pedal i mainly use distortion and corus but i do use phasers and wierd things like that on occation and its good for all allthou it is a little bassy but thats to be xspected wit the xtra string. i have so many effects i duno what to do with them all and the guitar complements them nicely


this guitar has stood up to live shows and now that i have it will continue to do so the only problem with the hardware is that the screws in the pickups rust very easaly but that doesnt seem to effect the proformence of the guitar i clea it all the time and they still rusted. the strap buttons are great but before i start playin live im gonna replace them with strap locks because im to paranoid not to lol. its very dependable. ive never had a problem with it,and even if i do i have another shecter c-7+ in black for a backup.for 7 string guitars nothing else can compare to mine and i wouldnt use it without a backup because of the fact that no matter what guitar im playin thers a chance i might break a string and nobody wants to wait for me to tune and replace a string in the middle of a show its just my own paranoiya


General Comments

i have been playing for about 4 years now. i own a crate combo amp, a yamaha pacifica 6 string, another schecter c-7+, and 2 other guitars also a small collection of effects pedals.

i have no questons on this guitar and i never have. if it was stolen i do have my other one but id find the person and beat the **** outta them and take it back. and i know i would never lose it. but i will never buy a 7 string that isnt schecter unless i juss plan on sellin it. i love the look and the sound and the rep i get when sumone sees me with it lol. i dont hate anything besides the wieght.my fav feature is the bodys curves . i have never seen anything (in guitars) so nice. i did compare it to a 1600 signature series esp that the guy i bought this from has and althou he paid more i got a better guitar. the only way his sounded better is he put a screamin demon pickup in the bridge spot. and even then i still like mine better. i wish it had strap locks so i didnt hvae to spend another 20 bucks on them lol.

if yuh gonna buy a guitar for sumone thats nota beginner or for yourself buy this one

it may have a little bit of a price tag new but its sooooooo worth it

its the best one i have

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