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Sound Quality

I use a Jackson guitar, ADA power amp, crate cab. I love the parametric EQ. I can't live without one now. I play metal and make most other metal players envious of my tone. The digital effects are supurb. On the downside, it is a noisy pedal but that's what the noise gate is for. As most other people say, the wah sucks. Digitech can't make a decent wah and probably never will. I use a Morley.


I've had it for over 5 years and it finally fried out on me. Unfortunately it was 2 days before a gig. I never had a backup before but I would definitely recommend having one.

General Comments

A great processor for the money. It lacks the smooth pitch shifting of the RP-12 but otherwise is virtually indestinguishable. Everything is adjustable and the sounds you create are only limited by your imagination. You can link multiple parameters to one switch or to the pedal making it possible to change lots of effects and tones with one tap of your toe. If Digitech made a newer version of this processor, I'd probably buy it. I wouldn't buy a used one because of reliability issues.

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