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Sound Quality

no noise problems, the tone is very adjust able, I like smooth tubie sound and it has that plus anyting inbetween all the way to grunge, or English brite. Chorus is good, reverbs fair but I use an M One for that short and medium delays are alright, head phone output is sounds great. I really use this for different distortions and clean sounds


Changed a battery in the main unit, the X15 has a battery also but it's still working. No other problems, I had it for 3 months bought used.

General Comments

I've been playing giuitar top 40 music for thirty years, I've owned lots of equipment. Present setup Fender Deville or Peavey 150 Special, assorted stomp boxes, volume pedal and Wha. Stock Strat, Les Paul, Kramer Pro Axe, Ibanez 550. These last two guitars have Floyd Roses on them. I play 50's, 60's,70's, 80's, some 90's music, Pop, Rock, Blues, some Jazz and Country. I'm trying to releive the stomp box setup because I don't play out much anymore. The X15 has two pedals on it so I can use them for Wah and volume. It also has a switch on the board when stepped on, makes all the buttons work like dedicated stomp boxes! very cool! The 2000 Express is in a small rack with a Korg tuner and the M One. The Art unit has an on board powwer supply and provides 9 volts for the X15 pedal board as well. I have problems with the old stomp box board, it's old and small, room for 4 pedals and a small tuner, the volume and wha are connected as outboard components, more to go wrong, I'm tired of it.

I'd like to keep that stuff in the truck for backup only. I'm still working on some patches for live performance, it's almost perfect now.

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