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Sound Quality

I play jazz, blues, country, pop and whatever pays, in bands for more than 40 years--and still doing it. I use a 1965 Fender Tremolux piggyback that I've had for 32 years. The cab has 2x12 JBL's that I had reconed about 25 years ago--still sounds good. All the pots and switch needed cleaning but they work fine now. Since 1955, I have had hundreds of guitars--many 335 types, probably 15 Gibsons, 2 Heritages, blah-blah. It's really a warmer, jazzier sound than most of the others. To get the punch for blues, I use a Morley volume/boost that I 've had since 1973.


These are pro guitars that you can rely on. Don't go to a job without a backup, you're asking for trouble. I was playing an important job with my fairly new PRS and the input jack came loose and shorted. In 15 seconds, I had my Tele going and hardly missed a beat.

General Comments

Been playing since 1955. Began playing in working bands about 1961, and have ever since. I like this Guild because it was a steal, and they are fine guitars--more handmade than Gibsons. It has a fat, jazzy tone that to my ear, is the best that you can get from a semi-solid body.

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