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Sound Quality

I play rock in a band and also use this babe when I play Irish music á la Pogues, and when I´m alone on stage and playing "softsongs". I just love it. I was looking for a POD but the price and the sound made me in love with this babe. The acoustic sound is great, I only miss a few things, why 9 volt? And where´s the MIDI? And the double pedal for back the bank is not a solution that will bring the Nobel prize.


I use this babe with my Gibson doublecut on my Selmer amp with a 4X12 Malmberg cabinet. It sounds great.

General Comments

Like I said, I play folkmusic, rock, and trubador stuff. I´m not the champion on the techniques (or the english language...) but I think it´s the best thing I ever had in my music career, and I played the guitar for about 15 years. In Sweden, it´s a third of the POD price!! If I lose it I will run to the store and get another.

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