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Sound Quality

It always hard to gauge what makes the sound you hear in your head...but this head covers such a wide range of tones there has to be something for everyone in this package. I personally love the blue channel and the red provides high gain heaven -- BUT -- the dynamics aren't lost in the note. Cornfords do this too as does the THD Flexi. The head can keep pace with fast alternate picking -- certainly faster than I'll ever play! That bloom you get on a valve amp isn't at all slow with this head. The clean channel is this amps best quality for me. Great clean headroom all the way up to the max. Sold my Keeley compressor as this amp covers theat ground without it. Set the excursion switch to tight and away you go. Awesome. Haven't recorded with it yet...but have no worries there. However, I've found you have to be carefully with the effects loop..it can run very hot. I use it on parallel setting now as I found the series loop too hot for my T rex Replica and Boss CE5 chorus. Others I know haven't had an issue here. Maybe it's my older ears playing up.


Now here's where I had a problem. First head I bought had a problem with the footswitch/7 pin adapter. My dealer (Guitar Guitar in the UK)exchanged it for another head immediately. No problems so far and aside from new tubes eventually, I don't expect to have any further issues.


General Comments

Due to the cost of this head I had to think very long and hard about buying it. I already own a Mesa Boogie Mk4 combo and a THD Flexi and I used a switchbone to alternate with these to get a wider ranger of sounds. The Bogner does everything the Mesa does and more (though I'll hang onto it). The THD Flexi, to me, is a classic, so I'll never part with that either. I can honestly say that with these amps I'll not want for anymore tone (well, until something else blows me away). Try before you buy. I tried the Cornford Mk2 head and was almost sold on it until I tried the Bogner...the head's versatility won the day. Play with the excursion and pre-EQ controls as I've found they shape the sound far more than the Bass, Middle, and Treble knobs. I was going to knock off a point for the cost -- but hey, it's a boutique and worth it. Be warned tho' if you have neighbours they won't be friends with you anymore after you play through this. Pardon? Did you say something? Can't hear you....

Reviewer's Background

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