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Sound Quality

I have 2 Epiphones right now I have a Les Paul model Ep and a Dot (335) model both with duel humbuckers. I am saving my $$$ for a Telecaster or G&L ASAT. at which time I think the gain boost feature will be of more use with the single coil p/u's. As for the buckers this has a great sound. I feel it suits my music and my playing style very well. I am more of a rhythm player with some lead experience. I mostly play blues and the usual bar band stuff ie.classic rock and such. I have only had it a couple of months and am still experimenting with the settings. I have only had it on stage a couple of times, so not much to comment on noise or settings. The el84 power tubes really respond well to my pick attack in the clean channel. It breaks up nicely when you hit it hard and cleans up well when you soften the attack. You can dirty up the drive channel pretty good if you want it has a pre and post gain control for the drive channel. Crank the pre up and it gets pretty crunchy or balance the two out for a nice controllable saturated tube tone.


I wouldn't hesitate to show up to play using only this amp without backup however I have only used it twice onstage.

General Comments

I have been playing off and on about 15 years however none pro. I also have a Fender super 112 60 watt tube amp. I bought this one because the Fender is too d--- heavy. Although I like it too. I would surely buy another if this were lost or stolen. I love the 2x10 speaker config. I had one a year ago with 1x15 speaker it was too bassy and muddy for my Dot (335) It gives good tonal response throughout the spectrum for what I do with it. It has a big enough cabinet to give it a good bottom end if a person needs more bottom they could always close up the back or stand it against a wall at gigs. As far as what I hate, it does not have a standby switch. I wish it had a 4 button switch for 1)channel 2)reverb 3)tremelo and 4) to operate the gain boost switch mentioned in previous comments. I think this is a nice addition to Peavey's Classic Series amps. I will learn more about it when I have the chance to use it on stage a few more times.

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