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Jackson Christian Olde Wolbers Signature Dinky

Sound Quality

I play in a metal band so an instrument like this is crucial to my sound. I own several guitars equipped with EMG 81 pickups, but for some reason, this guitar sounds brighter than my others.


I've played this Guitar live twice, and both times I used it, it fell out of tune a hair. The bridge paint has begun to chip away with the string changes, but I will say one thing that Jackson got right, the strap buttons, every other guitar I own, I've had to replace them, but not here. Unfortunately, due to the tuning Issue, I have decided to no longer gig this guitar.


General Comments

I've been playing this guitar for a year now. The only regret that i have is that I hadn't researched to see if it was a neck thru or a set neck. If it was a neck thru or a set neck, and had less plastic hardware, this would be the ultimate guitar.

Reviewer's Background

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