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Sound Quality

This is classic marshall sound but compared to a marshall amp head it sound a little lifeless. I had mine modified and now it sound more like a real (marshall) amp. The guy who did the modification (swedens Lee Jackson or something)said that the distortion was generated by transistors and the tubes only made the sound a little warmer. Also the tubes worked in paralell not in series. Said and done, Tommy Folkesson (amp guru) threw out the transistor bridge, made the tubes work in serie, changed the eq and did some other things and suddenly the JMP-1 came alive. What was marshall thinking of ? A tube preamp with transistor distortion ? As a transistor preamp (original) I give the JMP-1 a 6, as a tube preamp (modified) I give it a 8. The sound still isn't very versatile but it has a very good marshall sound. My friends Bogner Fish preamp I'd give a 10.


Still works fine for me.

General Comments

Kinda like the preamp anyway but I dont think I'd buy it again. Tired of rack gear.

Other Gear: Super strat w warmoth neck and Tom Anderson H/S/S. Marshall 8008 pwr amp (real tube pwr amp would be better). Marshall 4x12 w Vintage 30's.

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