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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

I have an Epiphone Elitist Standard Les Paul with american humbuckers and a Fender strat with GFS Texas specials. I also have a 72 Fender Dual Showman reverb and a 2X12 closed back cab with 2 Vintage Celestion 30's. This head with the volume cranked to the max is virtually noisless. The sound from this amp delivered to your door for $99 bucks is amazing. The distortion is right on. Not fake but good quality distortion. It is loud. The cab I have sounds great through it. My advice is to get a nice cab to go along with this head. Like everyone else I would have liked some kind of reverb and a standby switch.


Just got it about 2 weeks ago and it hasn't skipped a beat. But hell just fill out the warranty card and you have 5 years. I can't think of anything I have bought for $99 bucks and have felt this good about. It's copied from an older Gibson design. I've dealt with Gibson on my Epiphone Elitist and everything I've asked for has been sent to me for free. They are great people to work with just call their 800 number and ask for parts.

General Comments

Just got back into to playing again after taking a long break from playing. Lost a lot of money on shipping trying out new equipment and sending it back and forth. This one will not be sent back. Would I replace it if it was lost or stolen? Yes. My advice is build you a little 1X12 cab put a good speaker in it a Celestion Vintage 30 at Avatar speakers.com is about $79 bucks. For about $200 bucks you will have something really decent.

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