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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I got rid of a TS-9 for this pedal. Alot more tone shaping available than the tube screamer with the bass a treble controls which are active by the way. Talk about a fat boost of juicy tone. I push the crunch channel of my 5150 head with this thing. I leave the crunch switch off and boost with the bad monkey. Full on van halen brown sound! Sounds almost exactly like his tone on Women and Children First. Incredibly fat yet biting as well. Just working the preamp gain gives you a huge variety of sounds ala EVH. Not overly dirty on the crunch channel, just big and warm. Engage the crunch switch and you have yourself a Soldano! Very cool> It takes the gain to almost uncontrollable on the lead channel. Loads of fun. Don't use that too much.


seems very solid

General Comments

I traded a Tube screamer for this and had some extra money left over. Sounds practically the same with added tone flexibility. Does Brown sound to a tee. The controls are VERY sensitive to movement and it takes a little dialing in to get your tone. Changed my 5150 from an average sounding amp to a blazing tone machine. I'm not ashamed to use a pedal either. Vai and Satriani both get help from pedals to get their fabulous sounds. Why shouldn't we?

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