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roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I use two Fender strats (one with single coils, another with two humbuckers, a Dimarzio Tone Zone and a Air Norton), two Gibson Les Pauls with Seymour Duncans, and three Ibanez RG 550s. This works for all music styles and sounds. I'm mainly a rock player and all of the sounds work great for that. I think if people listen with their ears they will find great sounds in this amp. I think a lot of guitarist listen with their eyes. Also price does not alway equal quality. I paid three times as much for a Gibson Les Paul Custom and later bought a Reissue of an Ibanez RG 550 and the build quilty, playablity, and sound is better than the Gibson. I see people playing out all of the time with Mesa and Marshall half stacks that sound like crap. I'm not knocking Mesa or Marshall,they are great companies. And I have a couple of Marshall heads. Anyways, my point is listen with your ears.


Only had it a couple of months.


General Comments

I've been playing for 20 years. I own seven guitars (listed above). I also have a Marshall JCM 800 and non-master volume Marhall (both 50 watts). A marshall 4x12 with vintage 30s.If it were stolen I would definitly buy it again. I love everything about it. But I also love my other amps. This amp is great because it's versitile. It has a lot of amp models, effects, plenty of volume, very portable and sounds great. Even though I love my Marshalls and they sound great I can not play them at 3:00am. This Roland Cube sounds just as good as the Marshalls but different. I did not say it sounds just like the Marshalls! But just as good.

Reviewer's Background

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