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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

I only use the normal channel. The Master Volume channel sounds good, but not as huge as the normal channel. It breaks up enough for Rock or Hard Rock. I also never use the tremolo or reverb. My guitars are an SG Jr, Tele Deluxe, SG Standard & Les Paul Special w/p90's. I love the tone of this amp. It is hands down the most underrated little combo on the market. I bought it for a rehearsal/back up amp. As it turns out everyone I know has played through this thing. To the point where I hardly know where it is anymore. Peavey's Classic series is stellar. I never thought I would say that about peavey gear.


Fixed Bias so who cares.

General Comments

I plug straight into this little monster & use one stomp box for solo's.

If it was one channel I'd like it even more.

Sounds better than the Fender Hot Rod Series or anything in its price range. My main amp is a 65 Bassman thru a 2x12 cab. I never have a problem taking this combo to a smaller venue, it always delivers.


These amps are the real deal, especially for under $400.

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