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Sound Quality

Ha. Well, i would like to quote a previous user: "it is completely useless for anything except playing "Glass"." Well then, how was glass written? Oh, of course, im sure mike went to DOD and said HEY DUDEZ OMG LOLZ MAKE ME AN EFFECT FOR THIZ SONG. psh. He had this pedal and for whatever reason, came up with the riff in glass to use it. And it works well. If you put your mind to it, im sure you could make up another song that could include it. I have. I've made it useful for a verse riff in several songs so far... OK, its limited, but its also a novelty pedal. Look at it. Yellow and purple glitter? what the deuce. There are better ring modulators out there. Um yeah Moog. all you tools who said moog, maybe we dont have 400 US to spend on a ring mod, unlike you. This pedal makes a ring mod sound. It IS noisy, but that can be adjusted with various equipment these days. Sounds great with chorus modulation. Whack a whammy after it and you've got some swirling octaves going up and down every which way.


Yeah. Nice and solid case, but the switch is a bit plastic.

General Comments

Yeah its a good pedal to add a certain element of surprise occasionally.

If you're that into ring mods, you can find more versatility elsewhere. Try Zvex Vex pedals. thats a really cool ring mod.

But if you want to have some occasional fun, why not get it if you can afford it? Chances are you can sell it for the same price you bought it. Cheers.

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