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Sound Quality

I like this pedal as it does what i expect an overdrive pedal to do. Add a bit of gain to a clean tone. Most pedals I find, destroy the tone, or replace it with a "new" tone. The nice thing about this DOD pedal is the fact that it adds just a bit of fuzz, and this pedal is undoubtedly a fuzz box, and doesn't roll over my tone. It also can be used to add a nice edge to a solo or in conjunction with other distortions, such as a fuzzface. I would not use this pedal with the gain knob cranked beyond 2 o'clock: it gets too gainey. My only real complaint is the volume control. It seems to make little difference, even when it is cranked. What good is an overdrive pedal, unless you can turn the volume of it higher than the bypassed volume? This is the only negative part of this pedal, and, unfortunately, a very significant one.


so far so good. We'll see how it stands the test of time and the sole of a boot.

General Comments

It's a good pedal for someone who can't afford a fuzzface, or someone who wants to add a bit of drive to parts of songs. I had a specific use in mind when I was looking for an overdrive pedal, and it fit my expectations very well. The volume problem, however, really is too bad, but it may have something more to do with my individual pedal than with the model in general.


It may be me, but I really think this pedal has great classic fuzz capabilites. I like it better then the DOD fuzz, Boss overdrive, mxr distortion +, and ts5 tube screamer. If you can find it cheap, it makes for a good addition to a line of tube screamers and compressors. It also sounds very good with my DOD wah, unlike many other fuzz boxes.

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