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Sound Quality

Sounds good, potentially great with fiddling. I use a 78 Ibanez, a 92 Carvin V, and a 86 Strat. I have a rack processor and a truckload of pedals, but with this amp I only use 2 pedals: a MXR dyna comp and a fuzz face on minimal distortion. I have the compressor on all the time, but I rarely use the Fuzz Face, except when I want a heavier distortion. To be honest, the 2nd channel distortion is pretty decent, so not much else is needed. This amp's clean channel is very good, pretty much what you'd expect from a Fender this old or older. The dirty Channel, apparently called the "boogie channel", which might sound like a Boogie if I ever had one, is good for the blues player wanting a bit of dirt for lead. This is not a good amp for someone wanting a heavy lead channel (what Fender amp is?) but the clean channel is an excellent starting point for effects or pedals.


I have had it 9 months. It died once when all of a sudden it stopped working, unless you count a fuzz hissing sound. I took it in, got new tubes and some kind of electrical piece, and 100 bucks later all is good. Normal maintenance...I hope!

General Comments

this amp is a great buy, for the right price of course. it has the fender clean you would expect as well as a dirty channel that is not so Fender-like (I mean most fender distortions are really terrible). I bought mine in mint condition for a great price and I have no complaints.


I have played numerous Fenders, Marshalls, and other solid state and tube amps over the past 10 years. This Twin is an amp I can see myself keeping for a long time as I have yet to hear an amp that sounds better for the money that I paid for it. It has a great clean sound which also doubles as a base for effects, as well as a decent gain channel. What more could you want?

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