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Sound Quality

I'm playing a Les Paul Standard with Seymour Duncan Alnico II pickups. My amp is a Marshall DSL 2000 played through a 2x12 Traynor cabinet loaded with Celestion Greenbacks. I play through the clean channel of the Marshall and the master volume is always at 10. I use the GE-7 through the amps effects loop to further push the power tubes. So the pedal is always on at gigs. If your amp is in good condition, have no grounding problems where you're plugging in and use moderate settings then you won't have noise problems when using the GE-7. If your signal is particularly noisy before using the GE-7 then boosting certain frequencies will also highlight the noise present in that frequency range. For example if you're getting 60 cycle hum from improper grouding and you boost the 100hz fader then you will boost the 60 cycle hum along with the the rest of the signal. Having said this there is a certain level of noise created by the unit itself. Up to 6 or 7db of boost is ok. Much past that and you might find the noise unacceptable. The Level fader is particularly noisy, boosting it much past 4-5 db will create unwanted noise. The trick then when using this pedal is to use it only to create relatively subtle changes to your sound. If you're looking to completelly change your sound I would suggest getting a new amp or guitar. Eq in general is used as a "sweetening" tool because drastic settings usually create unnatural sounds that sound Eq'd. The frequencies offered by this pedal are pretty good. Great for adding low end! I like to boost the 100hz fader 5-6db with the amp turned up to 10. This makes the low end break up giving you a "blown speaker" sort of sound...very intense. The 6.4 fader is very good for cutting down on noise or smoothing the sound if it's a bit too harsh. The midrange frequencies are 800hz and 1.6k which in my opinion are not ideal. It would be nice to have control over 1k but it's close enough I guess. Overall, if used in moderation this pedal can provide the subtle coloration needed to "perfect" your sound. Particularly great for playing live.


Defenetly dependable. No problems here.

General Comments

The type of music I play is Rock n' Roll/punk/indie I guess. But this pedal doesn't really apply to any particular style of music. You can make it work with whatever style you play. I don't like to use too many pedals. I have a Pro Co Rat that I use for leads and an EH Small Clone Chorus that I use for some clean stuff. I've had these in my setup for year now. I expect to use the GE-7 for a while. I think this pedal is a bit pricey for what it is. You can find rackmount eq's that can do much more for only slightly more money but of course they are not portable and don't let you control the overall output level which is the big advantage of the GE-7. Like any good pedal the GE-7 can be very inspiring. Hearing exactly the sound that you want simply makes you want to play...I already wrote a couple of good riffs using it so that's something.

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