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Sound Quality

I've put through it a 1973 Fender Stratocaster, an 1989 Gibson Les Paul Standard and a 1990 Yamaha RGX220, I must say humbucking pickups get the best out of it. Oh yeah, it's noisy alright! Like some geezer said earlier, keep the input level down and the output level up! The much maligned distortion ain't so bad, I mostly like the overdrive or metal tube, though they ain't subtle, any of them. The compressor is good, flanger good, chorus weak, digital echo good, and the reverb is excellent, I think. I've only put it through a Peavey practice amp and a Marshall stack, and yes you will have to set it up for each different amp you use, otherwise you might damage somebody.


Ahh now, here's the rub! No way can you depend on it. It gets hot, and when it does, the display either; disappears completely or gets garbled. I've found putting new higher "feet" on it, allows more of an air flow underneath, this is necessary to keep it cool. If you allow it to overheat, the memory will most likely be lost, you'll have to reset the mother, and lose all yer modified patches! Charming! I probably wouldn't gig with it without some kind of back-up, unless I was blind drunk before I went on.

General Comments

For a rock player (what else) it's a useful tool. It has a headphone socket and sounds pretty good through headphones. For practise I don't put through an amp, don't want to create a disturbance in the neighbourhood ya know. I've been playing, on and off, since 1970 and when I bought the RP-1 in 1992 I thought it was f*****g brilliant, nowadays it's like a piece of archeology, but useful for practising. If it were stolen I'd laugh me socks off and buy something else. It is dead easy to use and providing you give it plenty of ventilation it is (almost) totally reliable. I wish it had a plain, straight forward, unadulterated phaser.


If ever you see one second-hand, don't pay any more than 50 G.B. pounds and for f**k's sake make sure you see and here it working first. Especially, make damn sure the digital readout works, otherwise you won't be able to program the sucker.


If you want a copy of the original manual, I still got it! E-mail me on: rollo4u@another.com


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