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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

My current set up is an Agile 2500 LP copy, A seymour duncan sh-1 vintage'59 pickup in the neck, and an sh-11 custom custom in the bridge. Run it through a modified Vox v-847 wah pedal all insides are area51's vintage italian wah kit. It suits my styles just fine, i play rock, hard rock, Blues,metal. For the people who dont read the directions it does sound muffled and unable to project, i know because im one of them! Im a tube amp guy and when i had it for the first week i was like man it would sound so much better if it was so muffled, and it sounded too electronicky, like a line 6 anything. All though line 6 has redeemed them selves with the hd-147 head, If i had the cake id be writing a review on that right now! Im used to the tube feel and until i learned how to turn off the stinkin noise gate i was dissapointed. The sustain and background sssssssssss was there as i would expect from a tube amp at high volume and i was really diggin it after that, the ac30 70's and 80's UK settings is/are what i use the most, and ive recently started slaving it with a VOX Brian May special! It really increases the tonal range from blues to god awful distortion.HOwever you can hear every chord and note. Ive jammed in live situations plenty of times unmiked and it cuts right through, RDFD! Read Da Fucking Directions! Play with it and twist the chicken head knobs for all they are worth! i wouldnt play stadiums with it but for a club jam or garage style its perfect. this is what i have found, and my buddy jeff plays loud!"motorhead loud" and he has the new hd 147, and he was amazed at how it projected its sound.


Well i havent spilled a beer on it yet or dropped down a flight of stairs like my poor Classic 50. but it seems to be pretty decent, i d gig with a backup anyway, if i regular gigged id have a half stack and probably a Vox Valvetronix head. Besides for the price, if it malfunctioned, specially repeatedly, id Pete Townsend its electronic ass! Stage show antics!

General Comments

Ive been a playing Amature for bout seven years now. I am always looking for new things, especially how different amp companys take is on a tube emulation amp. I went through a lot of them including the big boys, i picked this over an Hughes&Kettner Matrix. Hmmm i wanna try the H&K again. I currently own nothing else i used to have every thing but a set of drums but my past situation led to where i am with this little Vox Ripper! The only amp i want back is A Laney lc-30, i had one and regret to this day giving it up to pay a bill, i hear people say marshalls are loud, sheer childsplay next to a Laney! I know..... im a trouble maker....

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