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Sound Quality

the sounds are great on this pedal, the only quibble is over the drive amp, cannot have compressor on with distortions, or acoustic sim with distortions, and the distortions aren't amazing, they're good, but im picky! the noise reduction circuitry is awesome, get the noisiest son of a single coil and hold it at a CRT monitor, plug in and yank up the noise reduction, and it'll be quiet as a quiet thing! perfect pedal for metallica/pantera/iron maiden you can even got korn ish sounds, steve vai's sound is easy to get very accurately but i find it hard to get yngwie malmsteen's sound, but i play an ibanez and a kit les paul not a strat, so what do you expect!! in play this thru my homemade amp, and it sounds well, great bass response and tonal clarity, but thats because solid state rules


its a strong mother! cups of coffee saturated it, it lived and is fine, dropped etc... its built like a Panzer! however the knobs on it seem to want to come off quite easily now, but its gettin on, and super glue would fix this, definately gig without backup.

General Comments

i play many styles, mostly heavy metal/prog metal/shred and its perfect!! i also can use it for blues well, and there are some good jazz tones. it has a reasonable acoustic simulator, but dont dump that dreadnaught!! sturdy build. if it were lost or stolen id probably buy its big daddy the 1500G or invest in some rack mount equiptment. it would be cool to have another 4 buttons below the ones on it to control the drive amp/modulations etc.. separately, like in individual modeaswell as being able to change the banks with the origional 4 pedals.

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