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Sound Quality

I played this thing with a 1991 Fender Strat US, and a 1968 Gibson SG. I play Blues, Jazz, Rock, Metal, this thing may suit some form of hideous punk sound, and maybe if you push it some metal. The over drive channel on this thing is ludicrously noisy. I'm not sure if this is a fault in the amp or not. It sounds like a vacuum cleaner running in the next room, and when you kick it past 2-3 on the over drive level, this thing gives so much feedback it's nuts. Not much variety on this thing, quite literally, this amp can't do a whole lot for me, for a beginner this might be a great startup amp. At high levels the clean channel starts to clip, all the way up it starts into over drive giving you a nice clean thin shrilly high over powering hideous sounding piece of crap sound. But what do you expect? It's solid state, and it's a cheap Crate. The distortion is absolutly wacked. No mid high or low controls? C`mon? A few cents for some potentiometers and plastic knobs? You can do better then that Crate. Especially for 200 bucks.


Sure, I dont think this thing is going to die any time soon. I wouldent use this thing at all. Never broken down. It's solid state, I'm sure you could probably drop this thing off the back of a truck and still 'screetch' with it.

General Comments

I've been playing for about 5 years, I own a 1991 Fender American Strat, and a 1968 Gibson SG. I wouldn't buy this amp period. If i had 200 bucks, I'd get a used DS-3 processor and play trough head phones, would definitely sound a lot more decent then this joke of an amp. I hate the sound, It sounds like im playing trough a cheap 70s transistor radio. Never compared, it's uncomparable. I wish it had a decent sound (Not really). Sure, this amp is ok for a beginner. But you'll grow out of it fast. The amp really sounds like crap. When I started out I had a Gibson GA-5 (Built it myself from schematics

with left over tubes) Even for a 5 watt tube amp, that Gibson amp knocked this thing off the shelf. I mean really, I can string a few 12AX7s and whatnot and a few capacitors and mount them on a piece of wood and make a better sounding amp.

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