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Sound Quality

I read other reviews that indicate this bass has only one tone, warm and woody with no texture. I found that not to be true. With roundwound strings you can actually get a pretty decent bright tone out of it when put on the treble setting on the controls. That suprised me. Also, I was also surpised at the quality of the electronics. Being Chinese made, I was not expecting the greatest out of it, but again to my surprise there is no humming or crackling noise coming from the pickups or controls. This thing is just as quiet as my American Fender P-Bass.


Remains to be seen, I've only just bought this. It's semi-hollow and very light, so it definately can't be abused like a Fender. Don't get me wrong, the quality is very good, but a guitar of this design, similar to acoustic guitars, is just not meant to take loads of punishment.

General Comments

I love this bass. At $615 I saved loads of money. I've always wanted a Beatle bass, but I could never justify handing over $2k for a new one or $1,300 for a used one. The first time I saw a Contemporary in a guitar store I thought it was a real German Hofner. When I saw the price I knew I had to have it.

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