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Sound Quality

It's perfect for blues and rock, which is what I bought it for. It absolutely SINGS, especially on the neck pickup. I use it with a Dr Z Carmen Ghia


It's a tank....not much to break. The finish is nitro and is thin but perfectly applied. I changed to straplock out of habit. I usually gig with more than one guitar for stylistic reasons, but I can pull off most things with this, even a very acceptable jazz tone with the neck pickup tone rolled back some.


General Comments

50 years!!!. Let me say this....these guys are the real deal. There's only about 20 people working there and the owners spend considerable time actually making guitars. They offer a goldtop finish that's done by the guy that made goldtops in 1957! I have a Sweet 16 archtop and a Prospect on order that they have modified to my desires. Heritages will be the future collectables...but the best thing is they're great to play on, sound fabulous and are by far the best bang for the buck in the industry. You can be crazy and spend a ton of money for something else that once came from Kalamazoo, or you can get a guitar made by the guys that made the originals.You can't get a better guitar for the money, especially American made.

Reviewer's Background

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