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Sound Quality

WOW! This pedal is UNBELIEVABLY bad. I was going to get the Metal zone, but this was the only "Metal" stomp box my local music store had. I called in to the store to check and when they told me they had this pedal and not the MT-2 I checked out the reviews. I noticed that many people did say it totally sucked, but several people gave it a 10, so I figured it was worth checking on. When I plugged it in to my effects line and played it I thought I had hooked it up backwards or something because of how weak the sound was! Nope, it was just that this pedal is a rip off, and no matter what style you play, it is ineffective because you can find better distortion of any kind for less money. I know it's not my amp either. I just got a brand new Crate GFX-65 with digital chorus, reverb, etc. My guitar sucks (Crate Electra) but through my new amp my DoD Grunge pedal blew this one away! What bother's me the most is that they actually label it a "Metal" stomp box. If I had to pick a name for it, I would call it, a "Muddy Blues Crap Tone" or something like that. It is as far from a "Metal" sound as you can get!


Boss, at least there's something good about this pedal

General Comments

I play mostly Metal/Hardcore. I have only been playing for about a year, but man, anybody could tell you this thing is worthless. Just to make sure, I put it to the ultimate junk test. I compared this pedal run into my new Crate 65 watt amp with my little 10 watt practice amp and I got better distortion from my 10 WATT PRACTICE AMP, NO LIE!!! I tried all the recommended settings in the instruction book, but everything sounded like muddy retro-fuzz crap. I wouldn't be so upset, but "Hyper Metal" how could they lie to so many inoccent consumers? I played with this pedal for 5 minutes and then put it back in the box. DO NOT BUY this pedal, especially if you want good, crunchy hardcore distortion. Make sure if you did buy this pedal to keep the reciept because you will want to take it back, and if my mom loses the reciept for this I will cry because I would never use this pedal for anything, ESPECIALLY METAL!

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