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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

The sound that I am getting out of this little amp is impressive. I have had Marshalls, Fenders, Mesas, etc., but for the money I have yet to find an amp that compares to this beaut. After installing the jjs, the amp woke up. Great distortion, thick rich clean channel. A very versatile amp. I own a plethora of guitars, including a strat, a tele, a paul, ibanez, etc... This amp lets the character of the guitar come through. In my humble opinion, you can't go wrong with one of these - unless you must have serious metal crunch. I rarely use the mid boost, since the standard eq offers a decent sweep. The jj tubes are a must.


No problems so far

General Comments

Considering sound, price, and features, this amp is a ten. In fact, I would encourage any new guitarist to pick one up, chances are you will still be playing though it ten years from now.

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