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Sound Quality

Setup: Peavey Horizon II > Boss TU-2 > Dunlop crybaby wah > Boss SD-1 > Digitech RP80 > Boss GE-7 > Peavey Horizon II Very clear sounding, I use it as a mid and volume boost for solos. I've heard this doesn't sound good with tube amps, but I don't seem to have this problem. Then again, my amp takes pedals very well. I've also heard that these are noisy, but I didn't find that at all either. Of course if you crank the volume to max its going to be noisy (like any pedal) but other than that, there really isn't any noticable buzz.


Its a Boss. Of course its indestructable.

General Comments

This pedal is amazing in my setup, like I said I use it as a mid and volume boost for solos, and it does the job well. Without this pedal I either had to drown everyone else out the whole song and be good for the solo, or be at a good level the whole song and too quiet in the solo. I would definately purchase this pedal again if lost or stolen.

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