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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I use it with all my amps-solid state and tube. Sounds tubey with the SS amps and gives the tube amps an extra "something" that everyone here has tried to describe in one way or another. Basically it's a tube screamer design so if you know what the TS9 is and what it does then you will LOVE this pedal. It is a refined TS9 / TS 808. I own an original TS 808 (ugliest pedal ever! LOL) and this beats it just because it has the bass AND treble controls, both of which really make a lot of difference. The gain is about the same as a TS 808, maybe a little more. It's juicy and transparent. I have the gain at noon, treble at noon, bass at 3 and the level at 11. It's the only boost overdrive that I use with the solid state amps. I use it with other overdrive pedals for the tube amps. I just set the dials and turn it on. It stays on all the time. Totally silent with AC adapter or battery. Except for an increase in harmonics and a juiciness factor, the pedal is transparent so my guitar sound is not affected at all with the tone controls at noon. I add some bass to my settings, which adds the kind of vibe you would get from a Fulltone fat boost. Works perfectly with all my other boost, overdrive and distortion pedals. Warms up digital pedals like BOSS GT 8, Zoom G7, etc. It > IS < the swiss army knife of OD pedals. I would feel naked without this. Using it with Ibanez and Gibson guitars. Sounds good with singles and humbuckers. It's the ONE pedal I want on my desert Island.



General Comments

In 1971 I played my first gig. So I'm working toward 40 years as a guitar player. I still play weekly and gig about 20 times each year with a jazz-rock-blues combo. Always liked the TS factor so imagine my happy surprise when I added this "enhanced" version to my chain. It does wonders for any combination of guitar and amp. Just go get one.

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