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Sound Quality

I use the FX17 on a couple of pedalboards, one full sized for gigging, the other a smaller board for jamming or side jobs. I put it in my effects loop before the delay and solo boost pedal on any setup I play with. No noise to speak of.


Very reliable. Keep it dry and it'll last forever. Until I established the second pedalboard, my original made it through 50-75 gigs a year for a decade.

General Comments

I'll play anything, and have been playing since 1972. This pedal is a secret weapon that allows you to get a killing sound and then attenuate it to a useable volume, allowing you to get the tubes really cooking. There may also be a subtle bit of signal attenuation because when the FX17 is not in my signal chain my amps (Mesa, Budda, and Rivera) tend to sound a little harsh. I'm glad some people like the wah side of the pedal; it's an interesting and unique approach to an old guitar effect, but the heel switch was always hard for me to quickly and conveniently engage, and the tone of the wah is a little to eccentric for my taste. I have two of these and will probably pick up a third as an extra, because you simply can't find volume pedals this reliable with the small footprint this one has. It fits easily on the smallest pedal boards and has many uses, whether for swells or for the applications I've outlined above. This and the BiFET FX10 are real underappreciated DOD pedals IMHO. I use FX10s as clean volume boosters to kick my solos out front; at a fraction of the price of a Fat Boost or SHO they're a great deal.

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