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Heit Deluxe 2 single coil pickups

Sound Quality

Twin single coil pickups, Bridge pickup a little dull, but neck warm and full. Has two sliders that can assign each individual pickup, or both at once. Very quiet for single coil pickups. With an outstanding neck pickup, would make a good blues/jazz guitar. Okay for rock, but no twang at all for country. Decent sounding guitar for the era (1960's) and price range (cheap).


This is a 40 year old guitar, with quiet pickups & electronics. Tuners are the weak link here, hard to tune & doesn't stay in tune for long. Would I gig with it? No, not without upgrading the pickups. For a 40 year old guitar, it has held up fairly well.

General Comments

I've been collecting vintage 1960's guitar for awhile now (Teisco's. Conrad, etc). This is THE nicest looking of them all, but soundwise; just decent. I wish it had better tuners and pickups, to match it's fabulous appearance. If it were lost or stolen would I buy another one; absolutely.... it is THE most beautiful guitar I own!

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