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Mykel Sanner

Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Unlike a few reviews I've read on here, I personaly think the guitar has a good sound, especially for the price of the package. It's noisy on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th setting, which is to be expected with single coil pickups, as the 2nd and 4th don't make noise beacuse the pickups cancel each other out. I've hooked this baby to countless FX and it has sounded fine, not live stage quality, but something for the hobbiest or beginner. The amp that came with it fissled out on the distortion side and i took it back to guitar center and they gave me a new one, no questions asked. (Guitar Center takes very good care of their customers).


This guitar will "withstand" live playing, but I don't recommend playing it love. I've has this guitar for 2 years and have played on average 3 to 4 horus on it every day, no paint has worn, no hardware damage, only normal wear and tear. I depend on this guitar for practice and as a backup.


General Comments

I've been playing for abotu 2 years, this was my beginner guitar, which is what i reccomend it's use for. I'm currently looking into purchasing a Schecter C-1 Plus or a Gibson SG. If it were lost or stolen i probably wouldn not buy it again, unless I was low on cash, which is also a good reason to buy this guitar. I'd really liked changed the tight tremelo, it needs to be loosened up, and better selectors because you have to clean them after about 3 weeks of use (which is about 75 hours of playing time). Overall I thikn it's a great guitar for beginners and if you have a tight budget.

Reviewer's Background

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