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Sound Quality

I'm using an Roland keyboard, Ibanez JS electric and a Korg ToneWorks AX1500G .. no amp. (I was using a Gallien Krueger , but I don't remember the model.) The Rocktron unit is is primarily used for reverbs and chorus. The reverberation is superior. The unit is 24 bit capable and can be used with vocals, bass, acoustic, keyboards. The sound is awesome when the levels are properly configured.


well sometimes I turn the unit on and it seems as though it's jammed. I restart it and it's fine. This happens 1/40 times. Once the unit is on however, it NEVER fails.

General Comments

I play blues, hard rock, neo classical and progressive. I've been playing for 12 years now. If my rocktron got stoken, I would probably smash a couple of things and go on a rampage. It would hurt, but I would definately purchase another one. I love the ability to control it with a midi footswitch. I personally find it easy to use. It's a great asset to my home studio since it's my main reverb/chorus/delay unit. Compared to the Korg's reverb and to my software based solutions in my Cakewalk Sonar, I find the Rocktron untoucheable in terms of sound quality and flexibility.

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