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DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Pickup

Sound Quality

The output is high. I love it. It's a very fat sounding pickup. It's also great for lead guitar solos. It sounds wonderful through tube amps. It's a very even tone. In my opinion this pickup sounds better played through a hot amp than a medium output pickup played through a overdrive/distortion pedal and then into a medium output amp. It's a purer sound. It's probably the best rock pickup ever made.



General Comments

Yes I would buy it again. I've been playing electric guitar for 20 years. My first guitar a Dean came stock with this pickup. I own 6 electric guitars. 3 Marshall amps, including a TSL60, a 2203X and a solid state Lead 12 microstack from 1986. I don't dislike anything about this pickup. I chose this because I have owned it before and because a lot of my favorite artists have made great recordings with it. This pickup has THE sound I've been looking for. I hope DiMarzio never stops making it. The 'F' spacing fits my B.C. Rich/Takeuchi Floyd Rose tremolo just right.

Reviewer's Background

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