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Sound Quality

I used this unit through a Carvin SX-200, using my trusted Jackson Fusion Standard.(also have used with Ibanez models, and a Fender Strat. This thing was RIPPIN' straight out of the box!!! Monster distortion, and Very nice sounding acoustic cleans. I was in a guitar/keyboard band when this arrived, and My keyboard partner ran this unit through a CHEAP Radio Shack mixer, and a Dolby Digital Surround Sound home stereo system setup. The ending result within 4 hours later was a smooth jazz song that we recorded on the cassette deck of that stereo, which in turn was submitted to our local jazz station, and was first played on the radio between Sade, and Vanessa Williams. The radio Station did re-mix, and edit a bit, but was mostly the original recording. this was probably the second or third preset that I fiddled around with, and done the first time ever plugging into this unit! Over many years, I was able to sit down for long 4-8 hours stretches and tweak parameters to gain some VERY UNIQUE effects, that became instantly recognizeable in conjunction with my already unique style. Much in the same way that Slash, or Vai can play one or two notes, and you just KNOW!(ya' know?!) Some distortions are VERY noisy, some VERY thin, but the meat is that you can tweak up, and down and find perfection somewhere to your liking! Effects sound A LOT better through recording equipment, P.A., or even a kick'in Digital Surround sound stereo, Than they do through an amp though. For recording this is a VERY inexpensive, and versatile piece of gear to take you to the cleanest definition, without taking you to the cleaners! Note however that you will Only get very FEW of the Satriani, or Vai type of effects.( Go buy an EVENTIDE!) You will get GREAT Queensryche, Fates Warning, Type O Negative, Pantera, Savatage, Orgy, and yes even a little George Lynch! Also BIG smooth jazz, new age, and funk sounds!!! I recommend Pedal Motion factory preset, and Platinum Solo(smokin') factory preset for starter distortions, and Studio Clean factory (I believe it was called.) for acoustic applications. Then have fun customizing effects for years!!!(Note one severe drawback of this unit is the noise between switching times of presets!)


I had my unit for 7 years, and left it on for days at a time for years!!!!There is no on/off swith. just an adapter. This thing gets HOT!!!!!!(but DO NOT panic!) Out of all the years, and being on for days It only locked up maybe a total of 3 to 5 times max. You just unplug the power source, and plug right back in. Unit goes through intro screen, and within seconds, you're back in biz! Back up unit for live playing could be smart, and effects switching times are seconds apart, and VERY noticeable, during live gigs. However, It is VERY UNLIKELY that it is going to die on you, if that's your main concern!

General Comments

I've played Metal, rock, pop, funk, blues, classical, jazz, new age, and A little of almost every style imaginable on this thing! Like I said it is very versatile! I've even done bass parts with it! This unit is better suited for some forms, and styles than it is to others, but it does them all to a satisfactory degree in my opinion. I've been playing for almost 14 years, and I now own a Digitech Studio 5000 (In my quest for more Vai like sounds.), but man GIMMIE' BACK MY RP-10!!!!!!! The 5000 minus the impeccable harmonizing, is very limited as opposed to the RP-10, and it is to this factor that it also loses it's fun!(Not nearly as versatile!) I feel an almost emotional bond with this unit, but I am just the kind of person who would never buy the same thing twice. I am always on an endless search to try new things. There is an ABSOLUTE OCEAN of ways to get guitar sound through guitar/amp/effects combinations, and in my opinion you are handicapping yourself by staying with the same ol' thing! I was bonded to the RP-10 for financial reasons(even if it was a pratical unit that served me above, and beyond!) If I were Petrucci, or Satch, I would use ENDLESS amounts of different gear! George Lynch is an absolute prime example of switching gear eternally!! What I loved about this unit is that it was able to give me ALMOST any sound I could conjure! What I hated was the noise between preset switching! My favorite feature of this unit is the ability to shift octaves! This proves for some VERY interesting F/X! I only compared this unit to the RP-1, and some Zoom units.(The Korg G-3 was out at the time as well!) I liked the RP-1! It was my teenage fantasy when I first started playing, but for over $1000 was unattainable. An old guitarist finally let me borrow his for a week, and 4 years later My dream had come true. I was surprised at how easy I caught on, and recorded a whole demo just switching F/X. It was very addictive much like any cool piece of equipment when you first get it! Anyway, I tried out an RP-5, and was NOT impressed. The distortions wee still THIN, and F/X were just too cornball like on the RP-1. So then, I bought the RP-10 on A LOT of good reviews, and blind faith! Boy did it deliver!!!! I'd say the RP/10, and 12 models(virtually the same in every way.) Were the absolute best of the RP line. Today, with the RP 100, and 200 lines I just sit back,and try and figure out WHAT HAPPENED?!?! because these things are a JOKE! Youd think if your product line went from model 10, and 12 to 100, and 200 that it would be 100 to 200 times better!!!! Not 100 to 200 times worse!!! It just doesn't make sense! I must say the built in tuner on this unit is exceptional!!!!

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