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Sound Quality

As i play mostly acoustic instruments, i have been running everything through a ksm27 and a pg81 condensor mic; i had some trouble getting my Gibson acoustic to sound right, but the dual mic setting solved that.


It appears to built like a tank, mostly metal construction whereas the boss unit i was considering was plastic

General Comments

i considered every digital recorder, narrowing my choice to the zoom 1608 and the boss 1600, couldn't justify the 400.00 difference in cost. after working with the zoom for a time, i've decided i made the right choice; the layout from left to right(input to mastering) just seems to make sense to me. i was fully prepared to bumfuzzled, but so far nothing has stumped me to the point that a quick look at the manual couldn't fix. if i had to, i would buy another in a minute, as i don't think you'll find a better one regardless of price.

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