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Sound Quality

just a kramer guitar thru an old eko amp.not really noisy. but if u use too much o the NR, it compromises on tone quality.efeects are great but the pedalwah needs improvement .satriani vahalen pettruci its all possible even nuno man. got to sit with it though uknow......like spend some time.


i would use it without a backup. very dependable.....but watch out for those knobs man.....too much abuse and they snap difiicult to get the part.

General Comments

i play alot of hard rock and alternative besides satch and vai.i ve been playin for nearly 10 years now overall. the sample and play is pretty helpfull for gettin the old noggiin thinking. metronome too isnt bad.heres my mil address if u guys want to mail me on any info about the pro...i mean they say there are 8 simultaneous effects but i cant figure that one out .please help if possible. jeof_79pereira@rediffmail.com.

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