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Matt C.

Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

This guitar sounds great under just about any conditions. The tone is perfect for hard rockin' but also with, a decent amp produces smooth, warm jazz tones. Chucking out some Keith Richards, or hammering out overdriven AC/DC, it's got that je ne sais qoi that I yearn for!


There is serious buckle wear from when I was a teenager, but this guitar is built forever! I wil pass it on when my time arrives, hopefully not before I get alot more mileage out of it!

General Comments

I've been playing since 1976 and had this giutar most of this time. I have 4 other guitars, but this one is my favorite and brings me the most joy...(well, the Larivee D-03 depending on my mood...).


As much as I like a sweet quilted finish on a custom Les Paul, I like to think of my guitar as an old friend, an instrument, not art. I think this is the perfect axe for me.

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