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Sound Quality

I am floored. The sound quality and switching are COMPLETELY transparent. I A/B a Fender Deluxe Reverb and a Marshall JCM2000 DSL 50, and it sounds like I am switching channels between the same amp!! No popping, no "ghost noise" on the amp not in use......nothing but the guitar and amp you are using.


I am sure this thing is all but bulletproof. Just look at the site and read about how the units are assembled http://www.startouchpedals.com/product.html# I am not getting a backup, but have no basis for my opinion other than what i have read and seen since I have gotten it (about a week ago)

General Comments

I play blues - hard rock style. This pedal is great. I have always wanted to experiment with a Fender clean - Marshall dist. and i now feel my rig is complete. I researched about EVERY A/B I could find and narrowed it down btwn this one and the Whirlwind A/B/Y. I went with this one after calling and talking to Tony about the product. Try doing that with another company. Also, I read that the Whirlwinds 2 switches are close together and can easily be mistakenly stepped on at the same time if not careful. I have big feet, so I didnt want to mess with that.

I have been playing for 10 yrs now and before i ever make a purchase, I painstakingly research what I want to get. I am serious about my gear and have played out regularly for a few yrs now. This was a great purchase. What good are two top of the line amps if the switching isn't completely transparent???





check these out to hear my playing style / Tonal preferneces etc.

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