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Sound Quality

I think it makes an incredible difference in my mixes. It strengthens the sound all across the bandwith.



General Comments

This product is absolutely worth the money. It makes my mixes sound so much better than without it.

Reviewer's Background

I have been doing multi-track recording for about 15 years. My first setup was a fostex 4-track. I then moved to a Vestex 6-track. Both of which were tape formats. About 4 years ago I built a DAW set-up. I am now running Cubase SL with a Tascam US428 and a small Yamaha mixing board. I do everything myself via a keyboard and EMU Proteus 1000 module. I have Fostex 2.1 monitors. I have the Sonic Maximizer plug-in and was amazed at the difference it made in my mixes. I now use it on every track individual and also on my master track. Awesome product.

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