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Sound Quality

for an analog flange it sounds pretty good. there is some noise with it (but analog is always a little noisy) Mine is MIT, and i know that ppl don't like MIT's but come on ppl even the japanese outsource work to taiwan. i use an ibanez GAX 70>>DOD Compressor>>TS7>>Ibanez DS10 Distortion>>BF2>>DD3>>Ibanez SC10 Chorus>>Boss EH2 Enhancer>>Amp.When I first bought this pedal i felt that it was kind of weak, but after finding settings on this site I was happier with it but it was still missing something. After i bought the Enhancer that's when i was finally content with the sound. the enhancer brought the sound to the forefront, very lush with just a hint of that often bitched about metallic sound. soundwise with effects 9 (nothings perfect)butwithout the enhancer i'm gonna give it a 8. P.S a compressor will bring out nice tones too, but the enhancer is my personal choice.


It's a tough pedal! i would gig without a backup.

General Comments

a great but tough to set pedal, i can see why alot of ppl don't like this but for my needs (rock, metal, some alt rock)it works! if it were lost or stolen i would off the person who took it and use his head as a hood ornament, or i would just cut my losses and try to buy a new one.

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